Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun filled Weekend!

This has been a fun weekend so far. Yesturday Sammy and I had Jen, Gabriel, Ella, Arianna over for a pizza dinner and the kids played dress up and sword fighting over here at our house . Then Samuel and Gabriel and I went to Samuel's basketball practice then back to Rachel's for her Sothern Living Party. Then Samuel and I camped out with Rachel, Peter and Liam on her living room floor for a movie (Kungfu Panda) sleepover. It was such a blast and then this morning we watched cartoons then went to Samuel's B-ball game with grandma and grandpa. Then grandma and grandpa came over for doughnuts and coffee!

Then today it was off to Jen's for movie day and playing with the kids. The kids were all playing karate from watching KungFu Panda!

Samuel had so much fun he said it was the best day ever!

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