Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun filled Weekend!

This has been a fun weekend so far. Yesturday Sammy and I had Jen, Gabriel, Ella, Arianna over for a pizza dinner and the kids played dress up and sword fighting over here at our house . Then Samuel and Gabriel and I went to Samuel's basketball practice then back to Rachel's for her Sothern Living Party. Then Samuel and I camped out with Rachel, Peter and Liam on her living room floor for a movie (Kungfu Panda) sleepover. It was such a blast and then this morning we watched cartoons then went to Samuel's B-ball game with grandma and grandpa. Then grandma and grandpa came over for doughnuts and coffee!

Then today it was off to Jen's for movie day and playing with the kids. The kids were all playing karate from watching KungFu Panda!

Samuel had so much fun he said it was the best day ever!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Basketball Season Begins

Samuel started basketball this week. He was so amazing at his first practice he was really alert and hussled to cover the other players. He looks like a pro. He has such natural athletic ability for any sport he does! He is so amazing I am so proud of him! He had his first game on Saturday. He seems to really enjoy basketball. Pop-pop and Grandma came to his game with me and Grandma and Liam came to Samuel's practice with me. Liam was so excited to see Samuel play he kept calling out to him and pointing at Sammuel -he was so excited!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just another manic monday...... wish it was Sunday!!!!

Today was a typical Monday......busy busy busy. Samuel bounded into my room around 6 am. We both had busy days at school. Today was Library day for Samuel -his least favorite special and he proceeded to tell me about 5 times today. We had a down time for 30 minutes after Sammy got off the bus where we played "The Story" card game and then got his 50 pages of homework out of the way....ha ha not quite 50 pages! Then it was off to Karate.....where Samuel practiced his "Knife move " and earned a black stripe on his white belt. Then home to a quick dinner of chicken nuggets, salad and carrots. And for dessert some fresh baked sugar cookies. Then we played some video games and then up to bed where I read sammy Scooby Doo and the Monster Leaves. He fell right to sleep! Now I am watching "The Worst Week Ever" and now doing MY homework! Just another typical

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Arianna's Party

November 2nd, 2008

Today was a nice relaxing Sunday. I got some cleaning done, laundry done played playdough with Sammy, watched cartoons. Then we went over to Jen's for Arianna's birhtday party she turned 4 today. The kids jumped on the trampoline while Jen and I got to chat and enjoy some coffee.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween activities.

Well today was a busy day! We went to Hozak's farm on a field trip with my students. We had sack lunches, then went on a hayride, picked pumpkins & painted them. I painted a turkey on my with fall leaves so I am all set for Thanksgiving. Samuel painted a spooky ghost on his. Then the kids ran through a maze and fed bunnies and goats and played in a straw bin. Then we ended it by having nachos in the Farms cute little kittchen. Uncle Peter and Liam came two. Four of my students and their families were there. Samuel loved seeing my students. Oh plus we went on a nature hike in the woods too were we saw a real beaver dam.

Yesturday we went to a karate halloween party and then over to Jen's for movie night.

Last Tuesday we went to the Beaver Valley Malls Tricker Treating.

Last weekend we went to Christ Churches Trunker Treating where we went on a hayride and moon walk and played many games. Last Sunday we went to the Pittsburgh ZOO BOO where Sammy got to tricker treating with the animals.

...............Whew what a busy week. This afternoon we rested while watching Chipmunks Indianna Jones movie.

Halloween's over time for a break.